MYMAF is a creative team of professionals interested in creating modern, comfortable and high-quality urban areas.

The main mission of our company consists in implementing modern and practical solutions for cities. The cities for people.

It is within our power to design, supply and install modern street lighting and road pavement as well as to perform landscaping of urban areas. We are engaged in the production of unique small architectural forms and volumetric decorative structures.

Working with us, you will always be in contact with a personal manager who is ready to comply with your requests and monitor the project implementation on site.

Sergey Budnik




Evgeny Amelin



16, Build.7, Office 1, Vorontsovo Pole, 105064, Moscow 

2A, Office 309, Oktyabrskaya Street, 236006, Kaliningrad


It can be difficult to find us at the office —  please better call or write to us.