Solutions for the urban areas

Lighting. Pavement. Landscaping. Street furniture.

Project development and implementation.

Selected projects

2020 this website

Landscaping of the «Island of Kant» park, Kaliningrad

Date of implementation: April — October, 2020
Address: Kanta Street, Kaliningrad
Client: Cathedral / Government of Kaliningrad Region

The conducted work :

  • Designing a lighting system inside the park
  • Designing the lighting of the Cathedral’s facade
  • Designing the control system
  • Technical supervision of electrical installation work
  • Mockup,  adjustment of lighting equipment
  • Author’s supervision:
  • Designing, manufacturing,installation of LED screens
  • Start-up and adjustment work of the control system  (dali, dmx)


2019 this website

Landscaping of the «Svet» Park, Moscow

Date of implementation : June — September, 2019
Address:  Kostromskaya Street, Moscow
Client: State budgetary institution «Avtomobilnye dorogi» / Prefecture of the North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow

The conducted work :

  • Designing of  «the illuminated swing set»
  • Manufacturing and electrical installation of  «the illuminated swing set»
  • Start-up and adjustment work of the control system AND LIGHTING of the illuminated swing set; adjustment of various scenarios
  • Designing, manufacturing and installation of the illuminated small architectural forms  (benches, spheres, forms),
    as well as the fences of a children’s playground , workout area and dog walking area


2018 this website

Landscaping of Palekh historical centre

Date of implementation: 2018
Address: Palekh urban-type settlement, Ivanovo Oblast
Client: Administration of Ivanovo Oblast / Strelka KB

The conducted work :

  • Implementation of an area lighting project
  • Author’s supervision
  • Technical supervision


  • Winner of the 10th Russian National Landscape Architecture Award, category «The best implemented lighting design of a landscape architecture object»